Future Focus   In the Present                 

Successful and happy people generally know

  • What they stand for
  • Where they are going
  • Why they are going there
  • Who they will take with them
  • How they are going to get there

They also know 

  • What holds them back, and
  • What they want to have happen

If we find ourselves lacking clarity on any of these aspects of our personal, professional or creative lives, a coaching intervention can be of enormous benefit.


Alongside my professional art practice I offer private coaching, both for creative practice and personal development and transformation.  My core purpose in coaching is to help my clients connect with theirs, enabling them to live their most authentic and fulfilling lives.  Clear about our purpose we are able to develop a strong sense of our own direction and clarity about our path.  Understanding what has held us back can enable us to connect with the confidence, inspiration and energy to take us where we need to go. 

My professional and personal experience grounds me in both conventional business practice and coaching models as well as enabling me to work with clients intuitively and creatively.  As each client's situation is unique, I draw on a diverse range of sources and approaches in the coaching relationship, combined with a curiosity about and sensitivity to the client's realities.  Not all clients want to make masks and dance … at least, not at first …

I am able to see only a small number of private clients, all of whom are highly creative and resourceful and ready to make shifts personally, professionally and creatively.  In some circumstances coaching with me can take place over the phone and via Skype, although the first session is always in person.  In all circumstances we stay in regular contact via email.  My practice is governed by the code of conduct and ethics of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)


I operate a flexible fee system and charge according to ability to pay.  I also offer a limited number of pro bono coaching slots for newly graduated and emerging artists.